How to travel in Myanmar?

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How to travel in Myanmar?


About Myanmar Visa

 It might different from about Myanmar Visa, but it is basic visa how to get and system.
Tourist visa is less than 30 days stay, and it cost 50 dollars. Will you get it at the Myanmar Embassy? Or You will get E-Visa on the Internet .
 There is also an Arrival Visa, but it does not correspond to a tourist visa only with a business visa, you must obtain a visa before you come to sightseeing in Myanmar. Those who come from Thailand, Singapore, etc are also obliged to acquire in Myanmar embassies such as Thailand, Singapore, butI think that it is easier to apply on the Internet. In the case ofapplying at the embassy, in most cases, you apply in the morning and receiveit the afternoon of the next day.


 In the case of E-visa on the Internet, mail will arrive in about two or three days from application. It depends on the weekday or weekend. Almost needs 1 or 2 days.



About air tickets

 For traveling in Myanmar efficiently, I think that it is more efficient to travel from Mandalay to sightseeing in the north, and Bagan, Inle Lake, after that move to Yangon by bus, and sightseeing in Yangon and the South Myanmar, and leaving from Yangon.


 Generally, Myanmar trips will be centered on highway buses and long-distance buses.


How to travel in Myanmar?


 It seems that it will be via mainland China, Bangkok (via Don Muang airport by air Asia, Suvarnabhumi Airport by JAL), via Hong Kong, via Singapore. When using Mandalay International Airport, please search for tickets from these airports.


 Please click the site about Mandalay international Airport.


(External site)




Hotels and Guesthouses


About accommodation

 Recently, it has become possible to book hotels and guesthouses on the Internet.?Until a couple of years ago the number of hotels and the absolute number of guest houses were little, so it was hard to book and hotel expenses were high, but recently competition is getting more intense & influence of currency depreciation It has come down in price.?However, compared with Thailand, Vietnam etc. It is still a little expensive.


 The guesthouse will be at USD 7, the hotel will be around USD 25, at least.


About the movement in Myanmar

 It is about the movement in Myanmar domestically. Basically, moving by highway bus and long distance bus is the main.?It is the best for the cost and taking a time.


 Although, how to buy the ticket of the highway bus of Myanmar, it is possible to buy the bus ticket at the front desk of most hotels and guest houses.?There is no need to go to a travel agency and bus companies.?I do not recommend it to buy the travel agency, because it increases the price by their commission fee.


  There are economy class, upper class (first class) on the bus.?Economy class is four row seat, upper class is three row seat.?
The upper class is highly recommended for the night bus, you can recline your seat, and sleep well.


 About bus fares, it is very cheap.?It ranges from Yangon to Mandalay in northern Myanmar, from USD 15 to USD 20(upper class).?The required time is around 9 to 10 hours.


 For high-speed buses in Myanmar, please refer to this page.



How to sightseeing

 It is a way of sightseeing,


  • Join an optional tour of a tour company
  • Hire a motorbike taxi one day
  • Hire a car taxi one day
  • Rental motorcycle


 It willl be by motorbike taxis and car taxis, you can hire at the hotel front desk and reception.?I think that it would be cheaper to hire the taxi for whole day. It depends on the distance, it is likely that it will be around 15,000 kyat, if it is a car taxi it will be around 50,000 ~ 60,000 kyat.?
 People who can drive a motorbike are recommended to rent a motorcycle.?The rental fee for motorcycles is about 10,000 kyat, USD 7 or USD 8 a day on semi-automatic.?If it is an automatic machine, it will be around USD 10.?I never heard a rental car in Myanmar.

About the price of Myanmar

 Prices in Myanmar are cheap indeed. The exchange rate is around USD 1 = from 1,300 to 1,500kyat


So, I always cut 3 digit from kyat and it was discount about 10 ~ 20%.


I will write a rough guide.


Fried Rice
Fried Noodle.


Local Bus
※  In fact, it is quite difficult for foreign tourists to board a local bus, because the destination is hard to understand.

100〜200kyat per one time
※ Airport Shuttle Bus 500kyat

 Bike Taxi  1,000〜3,000kyat
 Car Taxi

 Over 2,000kyat
 From Yangon City to Yangon International Airport, 8,000kyat〜10,000kyat。
 (30 to 40 minutes without traffic jam, 2 hours with traffic jam)

Highway, Long Distance Bus

 8,000kyat (6 hours、Economy)
〜35,000kyat (10hours、Upper)
Economy Class (4 row seat)、
Upper Class (3 row seat)

About money of possession.

 Please bring necessary money, cash in US dollars. Also, please bring with as clean as possible. There are quite plenty of money exchanges shops that will not change currencies that are dirty, stained, even a little.


 And, for example, Sightseeing of Myanamr town, it is enough that you have USD 100. I do not know what you use and buy, so it will be enough USD 200 is sufficient, when you go outside.
 Myanmar salary is 150 to 200 dollar a month, so please think that 200 dollars is a monthly salary for Myanmar people.



Myanmar Best Season and Climate

About obtaining visa


To visit Myanmar, almost foreigners need a tourist visa and business visa. Please check by the Myanmar embassy.


Myanmar Embassy of Singapore


The easiest thing to take is E-Visa.

We need less documents compare with taking at the Myanmar Embassy.

Get method



E-Visa  It is the site of E-Visa. It can be taken in about from 1 to 4 days. Weekdays can be taken in 1 or 2 days, but Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Myanmar are closed, so it takes a time on weekends.

Click here for The E-Visa

Credit Card

US$ 50

Be sure to enter the country within 90 days after applying.



Embassy case

 Pay 1,000 yen when submitting the application form, then transfer 4,200 yen to the bank account of the Myanmar embassy. When you receive your visa, you will receive a visa by submitting a receipt when you made the bank transfer.

* Please keep the transfer form, because you need this by getting Visa at the Myanmar Embassy.

5,200 yen + transfer fee




 Please check it by each Embassy where you stay, because there are some differences in each country. Basically, it seems to be an application form, photograph, passport, passport copy, visa fee. Please be aware that the application forms are different in the Myanmar embassies in different countries.

※ When I took a visa for Myanmar in Singapore before, it was easier than Japan. At that time, I needed a half ticket for the immigration card I received when I arrived in Singapore. Of courese, you need your photo, too.

Visa age varies according to the country, basically it will be around US $ 50.

Arrival Visa

Only Business Visa

※ But this is Japanese case, it is different from each Nationality.

 please check the Embassy in your county.

 This is Japanese case, Japnese cannot get a tourist visa by Arrival.


Mawlamyine Hpa-an Travel Information

How to travel in Myanmar?

Myanmar Travel Information

How to travel in Myanmar?

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About Internet Environment in Myanmar
In Myanmar, mobile phone internet can be used normally, but in hotels and guest houses, it is often very late. Especially when going to the local Sightseeing Spots, the environment of the Internet is bad, so if you want to use comfortably, we recommend purchasing a SIM card.
What kind of place is Myanmar?
I wrote something about the charm of Myanmar. Negative things such as Rohingya problem are flowing in news etc, but real Myanmar is a safe country, mostly in a place without confusion.
How to enjoy on Myanmar trip, what kind of person would suit you?
To be honest, Myanmar is a unique country, and Myanmar Trip needs at least over 1 week, if you have a time, it is better to make over 2 weeks. Because there are many Sightseeing Spots in Myanmar. So it is hard to travel.
Actually, a safe country, Myanmar
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