About Internet Environment in Myanmar

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About Internet Environment in Myanmar


About the Internet environment of Myanmar

About Myanmar Internet environment, mobile phone internet can be used normally. The speed of the internet on mobile phones is no problem to use for general travel, such as using googlemap. Youtube is also that you can watch normally.


 On the contrary, there are many cases in hotels, guesthouses being slow. Although it has improved considerably in the urban areas such as Yangon , if you go to the region where many sightseeing spots in Myanmar, the Internet environment is poor and I think that the internet at the hotel and guesthouse will not be usable. Of course, even in hotels in urban areas, if the capacity of the line is small, and many guests use the internet, it will be slow and useless.
 In addition, we try to make as light as possible using button link instead of image link as much as possible. And the photos and images are light As far as possible.



 For traveling comfortably in Myanmar, we recommend purchasing a SIM card. It is about 5,000 kyat (about USD 4) at SIM card + 3GB. Of course, you can also top up, after using 3 GB. The intenet cost is 1GB is 1,000kyat, (USD 70 cent). It is really cheap price.

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About Internet Environment in Myanmar

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About Internet Environment in Myanmar

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