What kind of place is Myanmar?

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What kind of place is Myanmar?


What kind of place is Myanmar?

  Myanmar is said to be the last frontier in Asia, but it is regarded as a country that will grow in the future in Asia, I am not sure taht it is truth or not. Most of the Myanmar people are enlightened Buddhists, and about 90 percent of the people are Buddhists. In addition, there are also a few, Christian, Muslim, Hinduism. Honestly I do not know whether there are religious troubles in Myanmar, but Myanmar is a peaceful country. There is no religious conflict normally at all.


About Rohingya problem

 In recent years, there is a Rohingya problem, many of the foreigners are dangerous places, there are many people who think that the security of Myanmar is bad, but in fact this is not the case.?You can believe it or not, Myanmar security is really good compared with the other country. Of course, it is true that there are conflict zones such as along the border, but we do not feel bad at all in general tourist spots, ordinary city.?We can walk alone, and many of the tourists are walking around at night as usual.?A Myanmar woman is walking alone normally, and a child is also walking around.?It is such a nice country of security.


 I think that it is completely different from the image that many world people are having the images.

Reasons for good security

 For reasons of good security, “Myanmar People are many enlightening Buddhists."?Buddhism seeks stability in the mind. Because of the influence, there is a taboo, which is not good for getting angry, in Myanmar culture.?This is also the teaching of Buddhism.?
 Also, most Myanmar people become a monk one or three times in their lives.?Women also become monks.?I think that learning morals etc at temples leads them to the good way and such security. And everyone goes religious mendicancy, the culture that everyone donates is rooted in their mind.


The ranking which makes a donation in the world, the country where the 1st Prize is actually Myanmar.

  Myanmar has cultures the donation, positively. I think that world people have a image that Myanmar is one of poor countries, but?Myanmar is the country that donates the most in the world.?It is the first ranking country of the donations.?In fact, the Myanmar people donate their money and something generously.?However, I can hardly believe that Myanmar has a system as a country.?It is not a welfare state either.?
 Myanmar security is stable not by a country and government, the wealth distribution is by Buddhism.?I do not know that the Myanmar people understand about it or not, but it certainly leads to the goodness of the security of Myanmar.?Buddhism fills the gap between rich and poor.


Reason for interest in Myanmar

 Personally, I became interested in Myanmar when I was in Singapore and I met my Myanmar friends.?Since it was about 2012.?At that time, "What do you do in the future?"?Do you live in Singapore? I asked. She said that "Absolutely return to Myanmar!?Myanmar is friendly, everyone is kind and security is good ~ ~ ~ ".?I surprised it.?At that time I did not know anything about Myanmar, "Military regime!?There was an image, prejudice that it is dangerous, bad security, I thought "Is it really??"I had the question," Well, let's go to Myanmar! "?I thought, "I went on a trip to Myanmar.?It's cheap because it's short distance from Singapore.


 The impression is?"I was surprised!?"It was truly peaceful!?When I first arrived in Myanmar, the electricity was not enough, and the city was not clean, but the security was good.?Everyone was so kind, and to be surprised.?Before living in Singapore, there was a prejudice that "Japan is hated in Asia..." but there is not such a thing at all and I think that the image in Japan and the image of foreign countries are different. I thought that it would be unreliable for Japanese news, Mass Media information.?


 Any country has bad people, of course, Japan has the bad people.?It happened a terrorism by Religious group in Japan, so many Japanese people thinks that religion is dangerous, but I thought that religion is important when coming to Singapore and Myanmar.?Although it is said to be a separation of religion, there are few countries honestly separating religion.?Religion is often closely connected with nation, citizen and religion.?Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages.?Security is maintained by a religion. At least, the country Myanmar is applied.

Military regime, Transition to democracy

 Military regime = evil, democratic state = good, is the truth??? It must be considered. Each country has reasons. Myanmar was a military government because Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country. Myanmar has there are 8 tribes, 135 ethnic groups. If Myanmar do not keep it by the pressure of the military regime, the country would be broken up.
 As in Japan, Myanmar is not a single ethnic country, and Myanmar is not well educated, so they do not know what the democracy is so much. So, there are aspects that there was no choice. Indeed, it is moving from a military government to democracy, but almost none has changed. Because the economy is not changed by the democracy.


 On the contrary, there are many cases government changes to democracy suddenly. It is dangerous and get confuse. In fact, there was a time when Myanmar tried to transfer civilian government several decades ago, I heard that it was confused in Myanmar, so the government returned to the military regime.


 That country has the shape of that country.?A democratic state can not be maintained without the national character, and the democratic nation needs comparable morals and education.


The charm of Myanmar

  One of the attractions of Myanmar, there are many pagodas (temples) in Myanmar.?It is everywhere.?This has been made by the Myanmar people's donation.?I think it is a pleasure to watch such a culture.?Of course, I do not know from outside and just traveling, but I think that there are such countries as well.


  Creating pagodas is also a public project not involving the country in Myanmar.?Pagoda is made by everyone's donation.?So people work at there, so Myanmar people can earn their salaries by making pagodas.?Distribution of wealth by Buddhism, as I wrote before.?However, pagodas do not produce anything.?Just Myanmar people made pagodas means that something is not produced.?If a road is created, time will be shortened, goods will arrive where we have not been able to go so far, after that the economy will improve, but pagoda making will not affect.


 From the economic point of view, is donation used effectively??I think that this is one reason why Myanmar does not develop quite well.?Myanmar will develop in a moment if this way of using money changes, but that will not change.?The Myanmar will choose a donation rather than paying taxes. But this is Myanmar happiness to donate to Buddha and making Pagodas.


To develop is not the happiness.

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What kind of place is Myanmar?

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What kind of place is Myanmar?

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